During the period of COVID lockdown, Weinstein could not work in animation due to the communal nature of these ambitious projects. Oil paint became his primary medium. He began to create paintings based on vintage Ben Cooper halloween masks, a collection assembled from ebay, during COVID, when one’s obsessions became an issue of mail order. 


One painting, Foxes, is of a gang of blond princesses and lantern jawed men in front of a blank blue screen. It refers to the talking heads of the right wing media. Another is a group of skeleton and goblin masks massing in front of the viewer, reminiscent of the domestic terrorist attack on our capital. And alongside these imagistic paintings he creates paintings of cinematic sunsets that are both magnificent and threatening, as if the sublime was grasped out of its singularity and inflated with our ecstasies and fears.

A solo exhibition of these paintings was held at The Baldwin Gallery. They were also featured in the exhibition, All of Them Witches at Deitch Projects, LA. Curated by Dan Nadel and Laurie Simmons.