The animated film, 'Three Love Songs From The Bottom of The Ocean 2005,' plus related paintings and sculptures.

THREE LOVE SONGS FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN, is Weinstein's second animated film. It is the first appearance of Weinstein's singing koi, who has since made frequent appearances in Weinstein's animated films and paintings. Her personality continues to develop as part of a long term collaboration between Weinstein and actress Blair Brown. It is also the first time that Weinstein uses songs in his animated films. The script to the piece is below.

Three Love Songs From The Bottom Of The Ocean was first exhibited at the Sonnabend Gallery in NY. It has also been installed at The Denver Museum, Art Basel Miami, Young Projects, and was a double page spread in NY Times Magazine.


Script for Three Love Songs from the Bottom of the Ocean

By Matthew Weinstein



Spoken Intro:

My home is a fortress, with my heart beating furiously in the center of it.
My home is full of clowns.
One cricket-silent evening, a few clowns showed up.
Their unicycles tracked my carpets and cream pies whizzed past priceless abstractions of the human form, carried back from far-flung ports.
I detest clowns.
'Bring me more, bring me more clowns!' I cried.
Soon my walls bulged with clowns, my windows popped with clowns.
I approached my instrument.
My instrument is a huge sculpted tiger, its mouth is open and its teeth are bared.
Its teeth are the keys, they are so sharp that I cannot play my instrument without bleeding.
That night, I played and I bled into the open mouth of the tiger.
The clowns wept for me, and this song was born.

Title: HOBO

Hobe, patched and hopeless.
Stars fall from the sky.
They bleed their light into the dirt.

Hobo, I am pouring out of myself for you.
A wilted daisy crowns your busted hat.

I dine with the mayor.
Amber light bounces off the rims
Of rock crystal glasses
That sing like lonely phosphorescent fish.
Fox fir fibers dust my egg-white cheeks.
You stare Hobo, you stare
Through a window as cold and dark
As the bottom of the ocean.

Love lies deep inside me like a coiled spring.
A box car moves you across a corn planted globe.
The dark and dirty folds of your overcoat
Wrap your dreams, your stink.
Your fingers move inside and over me.
They scratch like diamond dust.
They smell like cast off cigar buts.

I am clean, but you are pure.
Long velvet boxes discharge diamond snakes.
They coil around my neck and wrists.
I am held here, Hobo, held fast, 
As you drift like space dust,
Unnoticed and free.

The streets are damp and empty.
The Mayor and I stand above your fallen form.
We laugh as you try to stand.
Your cane breaks and you fall again.
Snowflakes fall like random notes.
Our friend The Banker tosses you a silver dollar.
You reach to get it,
And his spatted shoe kicks it down the sewer.
Hobo, I guess it's hard for you to notice that I love you,
As I stand above you and laugh.
And laugh.
And laugh.

Spoken Intro:

Some day they will turn the sound off. We will wander around in the silence, gazing at each other. Then they will turn out the lights. We will only see each other's glowing eyes. We will find each other, and when we do, we will walk into each other and dissolve. Two by two we will all disappear. When we are gone, the sound will be turned back on. Then the lights will be turned back on. The animals will look at each other and they will notice our absence. 'Thank God that's all over,' they will say. They won't miss us, not one little bit.

I fell overboard. Rudderless, I tossed in the swell. I liked it. The dark water moved through and over me. There is no sky deep down in the ocean, there is no noise, there is no light.



I hate the sun, I hate the moon.
I hate the warmth of helping hands.
I love your narrow twisted lips.
Back-lit and above me, you make me squint.
Your riding crop brushes my cheek,
Then taps your horse's ass.
In a moment you are gone,
And so am I.

I ache as your eyes shine.
You palm my mouth and hold my nose.
My heart gallops to feed my blood.
When you let me breath again,
I am so thankful.
Thank you.

I am an eternally melting
Warm chocolate center.
Pain; caviar of pleasure,
You feed it to me on tiny spoons.
Never let me feel that you are near.
Let me always feel like this.
Alone, in the dark, in the night.

in the night they crowd around me.
They nod their heads at me.
They fade as my eyes try to pierce the darkness.
Outside, twisted branches
Look like hunters taking aim.

Veronica Lake, what went on
Inside your one-eyed golden head
When it all went away.
When flash bulb pops like butterfly kisses
No longer warmed your skin,
And you dragged a wet rag
Over a sticky bar top.

I know that some day
You will remove yourself from me.
In the dark, in the night,
No one will come from town to rescue me,
As my screams bounce down the cold hallways
Of my haunted castle.

Spoken Intro:

Puppy dog. Stop dreaming about that big bowl of meat. Your sad eyes are so sad. There's one palm tree on this little island. It drops its coconuts to feed itself. What I'm trying to say is…



The only thing that I won't do in bed
Is love you.
You're sweet, you really are.
So life-like.
Your fingers branch off into waves of
Waves of
Mole sauce.
You can't taste all the tastes.
Layered, sweet and spicy
Coat my chicken 
And burn my tongue.

Flowers die, send me cash.
I'll buy you some tight, white… mmm.
You'll be all packed in
Like a car full of kids.
All packed in.
All packed… mmm.
Love is never having to say
I love you,
And mean it.
I love you, sure baby I do.
After all, it's your quarter.
Drop it in.
I'm your juke box
I know all the songs.

You make me fly like a Frisbee.
You give me that 
Far flung French feeling.
Don't know what that means.
I just like France.
I like the people, not the food.
I don't like butter baby, I like you.
We're as close as two men can get,
And I'm a woman,
No, I'm a man,
You tell me.

I like war, I don't like blood.
I like a big TV with lots of noise.
Play with me, don't touch my toys.
Look at me, I'm outside in;
A moaning marble saint.
Kiss my feet.
Build a shrine around me.
Turn off your TV sets.
Load your guns.
And look at me.
Look at me.

Spoken outro:

Where are you? I can't see you, but I know that you are there. Like shadows at night. In such a short span of time you have all become my children. I have powdered your bottoms and tucked you into a bed of cozy blankets and stuffed toys. A magic lantern projects playful ghosts that hug the walls. The only true love songs are silent. The sound of a shell. A stifled moan. A glance. A silent emission; a bat's squeak. And now it's time for silence. Good night.